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Here at Wagging Tails Pet Resort we are more than just a Boarding Kennel, we are actively involed with local special need programs. We offer our pups and adult dogs to schools, life skills programs, retirement homes, as well as host tours of our facilty and therapy days in which special needs childern and adults can come handle pups and have gentle Labradors to touch and interact with. We have been doing this type of program for many years and have enjoyed giving back to the community that helps to support us and the wonderful breed of the Labrador Retriever. All tours are on a donation basis, family members or assistances can donate to our animal rescue (surrender program) that has found homes for over 500 animals in the last 10 years. All tours are done by appointment and during normal bussiness hours, we encourage questions about the programs as some programs may require special equipment for the quests (ie wheelchairs, etc.) as some activites are outside and weather may permit.

Thank You for your interest in Wagging Tails, and together we can make things just a little better.





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